Money, money, money: better to be a hacker than a traditional bank robber

Cybercrime: is it out of control? | Technology | The Guardian. Posted by Misha Glenny, 21 September 2011


Not out of control, well as long as law enforcement wake up to reality, but certainly out of scale with more traditional schemes to illegaly obtain money. The article is interesting for several reasons. First it points out the amount of money cybercriminals can make by targeting just one company: not a couple of thousands, but a couple of millions pounds.

Secondly, and conversely, it highlights how it is difficult to exactly know the cost of cybercrime. But have we ever known the cost of crime, even with the statistiscal tools we now have (but not for cybercrime)?

Thirdly, when I cross-checked info, it seems to confirm a post I read minutes before this one on the participation of a team of students and professor in the investigation of cybercrime rings for cyberfraud behaviours. Justin Davis, March 15, 2012, “Computer Forensics Students help solve…”

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