Copyrights and censorship

UK High Court Expands Censorship Regime: Orders The Pirate Bay To Be Blocked | Techdirt. 30 April 2012

I pass on the comment made because I would like to put the post in perspective with others:

– one of the issues the discourse of piracy is creating: “UK Consumer Ebook Sales Increase by 366%: Publishers Association Calls For Digital Piracy To Be ‘Tackled‘” 7 May 2012

– one issue linked with censorship in general, which destroys the meaning and justification of censorship itself: “If You Meet A Censor, Ask Why They Haven’t Become Moral Degenerates Themselves”, TechDirt 15 May 2012. It is about an interview of the head of the Great Firewall in China that leads to an other interview, that of the had of censorship in Kuwait who said: “Many people consider the censor to be a fanatic and uneducated person, but this isn’t true. We are the most literate people as we have read much, almost every day. We receive a lot of information from different fields. We read books for children, religious books, political, philosophical, scientific ones and many others.”(I have copied from the post). I found the quote fascinating because it reminded me of the Catholic Church, but also later of the Protestants etc…, who censored writings and printed books (words and/or images) in the name of educating people. But what about letting people educate themselves in a fostered environment where dialogue exists?

Which puts in perspective a third post: about the UK thinking of licensing porn, like it licenses movies…”UK Gov’t Considering Requiring A ‘Porn License’ If You Want To Look At Porn Online” TechDirt, 7 May 2012

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Senior Lecturer @ University of Essex (UK)
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