(in)appropriate choice of penalties

Guy Loses Probation Because Court Decides That Facebook & MySpace Are ‘Electronic Bulletin Boards’ | Techdirt. 5th April 2012

The person convicted for attempt of sexual exploitation of children was restricted in his use of computers and internet as part of his sentence: it was forbidden to join chat forums/groups/channels, peer to peer, IM. but nothing was said about Facebook and MySpace. Probation officer considered it was OK to use the social networking sites the convicted declared to use for work. THe Arizona Court had an other view and considered the probation’s terms were violated. I have to say that using Facebook was not necessarily problematic in relation to the offence committed, although there is no certainty that grooming children would not be conducted at one point or another.

Certainly absurd, unless there has been research demonstrated that gaming was a cover up for grooming and distribution of images,¬† is the ban from all gaming services of NY sex offenders. There is a software now that analyses images of people¬† that circulate on the internet and can match them with images of victims of sexual abuse (mainly children) (a demonstration/explanation was presented at the excellent Cybercrime conference in Montpellier-France in April 2012 ) . The least that could have been done would have been to analyse what was going on on those games. “New York Convinces Game Companies To Kick Registered Sex Offenders Off Gaming Services” TechDirt, 12 April 2012

About Audrey Guinchard

Senior Lecturer @ University of Essex (UK)
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