Myths and hypes

Hollywood Hackers Vs. Reality | Techdirt. 8 March 2012

Have not seen the movie, but if this post is accurate (and probably is), then Hollywood really had not a clue about how most unauthorised access to data is gained: human failure is so many times the cause, with basic security not implemented, whether passwords too easy and not changed regularly, or phone calls and phishing emails from what seems to come from people we know (but are not).

Another myth and hype, stemming from ignorance (willful or not), based on the assumption that grids are directly linked to the Internet. The risk is not nil though (see the report for the OECD by Peter Sommers and Ian Brown in december 2010), given that sometimes basic security measures are not properly implemented, but this seems again exagerated. “If Phishing Email Can Kill NY Power Grid, Lack Of Cybersecurity Legislation Is Not The Problem“, TechDirt 12 March 2012

Amd with the same logic of confusing issues to set up one’s own agenda, “How New Internet Spying Laws Will Actually ENABLE Stalkers, Spammers, Phishers And, Yes, Pedophiles & Terrorists“, Rich Kulawiec, TechDirt 23 February 2012

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