Twitter’s policy to censor

Twitter Decides To Censor Locally, Rather Than Block Globally, In Response To Government Demands | Techdirt. 26 January 2012

Misguided Twitter Protests… And Why Twitter Could Have Explained Itself Better“, TechDirt, 30 January 2012

and for a list of comments and reports, Business and HR website

of the many posts that reported Twitter’s policy to allow blaocking of contents on a per country basis, this one explains quite well what Twitter intends to do: blocking but responsibly, by letting users know what is blocked and why. Which at the end of the day, probably defeats the object of censorship = secrecy. It also allows a dialogue somewhere on the web…

Google can also censor per country, but whether the same policy will be put in place is another matter. Google can now censor Blogger content by country , AAP, 03 Feb 2012,

and maybe we will be able to decrease then the level of censorship? For the use of technology to bypass bans, “Hackers Figuring Out How To Set Up Satellites To Route Around Internet Censorship“, TechDirt, 3 January 2012

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Senior Lecturer @ University of Essex (UK)
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