Collusion: corporations and autocratic regimes

Syria Crackdown Gets Italy Firm’s Aid With U.S.-Europe Spy Gear – Bloomberg. 3 November 2011

Still going through my pile of newsletters.This one is just one out of many underlying the collusion between money and politics. It should be read in connection with what happened in Lybia previously, probably Iraq (although not much has transpired yet on it), also with China, with the UN call for corporate responsability that does not stop at environmental issues and with a global assesment about censorship.

See “In Death of Iraqi Woman, D.C. Appeals Court Considers Jurisdiction“, Posted by on November 07, 2011 at 03:57 PM in The BLog of Legal Times (US), info relayed by Business and HR website

For Tunisia, where authorities went as far as sending messages or modifying messages: “Former Tunisian Regime Goes Beyond Spying On Internet Traffic… To Rewriting Emails & More“, TechDirt, 16 December 2011

For the UN, [PDF] The corporate responsibility to respect human rights: An interpretive guide Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Nov 2011

As well as Human Rights First & OWNI Digital Journalism articles on surveillance technology & oppressive regimes, Meg Roggensack and Betsy Walters, Human Rights First, OWNI Digital Journalism; reponses compiled by Business & Human Rights Resource Centre, 25 Jan 2012:

With the EU joining the concert, at least its Parliament (that does not always agree with the Commission): “EU Parliament Warns The US To Stop Censoring The Internet“, TechDirt, 17 November 2011

and the US response in December (later, its response will be an Executive Order that bans  entry to the US and allow seizure of property) US bill targets exports of Web censorship tools, AFP,  08 Dec 2011

with the contradiction within its policies (SOPA bill allows for censorship in the name of copyrights): “European Parliament warns of global dangers of US domain revocation proposals“, a post on the European digital rights website; id. Masnick, “China Ramps Up Online Censorship Efforts As US Congress Gives Them Perfect Cover“, TechDirt 20 December 2011; China web firms vow to curb ‘harmful’ information, Allison Jackson, AFP, 06 Nov 2011

Surveillance tech companies should not sell to despots says EU. And US Secrety of State Hillary Clinton warns surveillance companies that their products could be used to breach human rights“, Jennifer Baker, MacWorld, 12 December 2011

And the whole matter can be put in perspective with the fundamental principle of criminal procedure: the need of warrants to intercept as much as to search and seizure. For e.g.: in the US (district court, South Texas), “Court Says Warrantless Mobile Phone Tracking Is Unconstitutional“, TechDirt 21 November 2011

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