Don’t preach what you don’t do

China Gleefully Uses UK Desire For Censorship To Validate Its Own Censorship | Techdirt. 12 August 2011

About the riots in England, but the same can be said about Europe having sold surveillance technologies over the years to most Middle East countries affected by the Arab spring.

EU May Probe Bahrain Spy Gear Abuses , Vernon Silver, Bloomberg, 24 Aug 2011, on the Business and HR website

Firms Aided Libyan Spies: First Look Inside Security Unit Shows How Citizens Were Tracked, Paul Sonne & Margaret Coker, Wall Street Journal, 30 Aug 2011, on Business and HR website

With some statistics for the UK on surveillance (warrants for interception of communications) between 1937 and 2010.

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Senior Lecturer @ University of Essex (UK)
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