Cybersecurity: human failure, data leaking and knowledge of it all

Hackers Get Personal Info On 12-Million Apple Users… From An FBI Laptop | Techdirt. 4 September 2012

I like the story in that the FBI spies (illegally probably, and if legally it raises questions of human rights) and the hackers end up with the data. The irony of surveillance done by Government going back to private hands. At least if the hackers just did it to reveal the FBI’s behaviour and not to commit further offences!

the story also raises questions about the need for the FBI to have the dat of 12 million Apple users. I can’t believe that those users are at say 90% offenders. Power of surveillance for what? ending up in a dictatorship?

which also makes the previous post quite relevant: “Humans: Still The Weakest Link In The Security Chain” TechDirt 14 August 2012

and raises the question of knowledge of those incidents. We tend not to know about it, especially if they involve only private companies which do not want to appear unreliable: Cyber incidents reporting in the EU – ENISA report of Augst 2012, and for the French post on Euractiv

About Audrey Guinchard

Senior Lecturer @ University of Essex (UK)
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