Report on Hadopi and piracy by P. Lescure, 2013 – France

Mission « Acte II de l’exception culturelle » : contribution aux politiques culturelles à l’ère numérique – Rapports publics – La Documentation française.

Pierre Lescure, who for years run Canal+, the private, fee-paying, TV channel, chaired a committee to review policies on piracy and thus Hadopi. The report is big (10MB, 719 pages) and was published on 13 M ay 2013. Available freely on the website of the Documentation française.

The committee used notably a blog to gather information and comments, and to publicise hearings of various people. See blog

It recommends suppressing Hadopi … and transfering its ‘jurisdiction’ to the CSA, another regulatory authority in charge of regulating ‘visual communication’ (TV). Current fines’ threshold would be lowered (60 euros instead of 1500 €) except if reoffending. Taxes should be implemented on tablets and smartphones -any connected device- to help fund

See Vie publique 14 mai 2013 “Hadopi, réponse graduée, aides à la création: les propositions de la mission Lescure

For a longer review of the proposals: JDN, Matthieu Berguig (lawyer) “Commission Lescure: la montage a-t-elle accouché d’une grosse souris?” 13 mai 2013

But the Minister of culture affirmed there will be no tax, at least for this year. (JDN, 15 mai 2013):

For another solution, found on the comment box in the JDN article 13 mai 2013 and on the blog culture the idea is that the user/consumer has a “M account” where eveything s/he buys go into; the account would allow him/her to listen, view any content on whatever device for the rest of his life; the “M account” is like a platform (instead of a material support like a CD or a DVD) that the person would keep for life (like when s/he owns a CD or DVD) using cloud computing. The “M account” can be managed by the person or by a manager who then cannot look at the content or modifiy it or publish it (here I am tempted to add, cannot sell the data gathered!). See and (you will see a diagram and it is all in English, so don’t be worried about translation).

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2 Responses to Report on Hadopi and piracy by P. Lescure, 2013 – France

  1. yt75 says:

    Thanks a lot for the mention !
    In fact I was invited at the “press conference” session of Pierre Lescure/Aurélie Filippetti dedicated to the “bloggers” and participants to the culture acte2 online forum.
    This “M account” concept is indeed what is truly missing in current context for the possibility to have an Atawad (any time any where any device) environment around legal content (and more, or as much based on discrete buying actions, than all subscription based, but both possible in the model).
    And indeed the key here, is more in the new role and clear role separation, technically speaking what is being set up right now through Google profiles, Amazon, ultraviolet, more or less itunes, can be considered to be more or less the same thing.
    Had a little chat with Lescure about it, I think they also realize the current swtich from having “copies” towards having “access”, but not sure if the need for a very clear role separation, necessary for confidentiality on each personal “library”, is really taken into account.
    Yves (blog )

  2. yt75 says:

    Note : moreover it is also the same new role (and associated organisations) that is required for cyber security aspects and around the “net identity”(usage of gg, fb, twitter accounts to log on different sites typically).
    For instance what is more or less defined in IDéNum (project currently retaken by Fleur Pellerin, with similar initiatives in many different countries).
    And here what would be really important to understand, is that having a single ID per user shared by all services, is absolutely NOT technically required, and should be avoided at all cost (and anyway would probably be a major cause of rejection from the public, or should be).
    This more or less developed here :

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