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Drones attacks

Apple Feels Reporting Drone Strikes ‘Objectionable And Crude’ And Rejects App | Techdirt. 31 August 2012 I have to say that I was gobsmacked by the logic of it all. The app is not the issue: the use of the … Continue reading

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US sanctions against Iran: WoW ban

Blizzard Blocking Iranian WoW Players Due To US Sanctions | Techdirt. 31 August 2012 The US asked Blizzard (delivering World of Warcraft) to block Iranian customers/users/players. On a purely economic rationale of those types of sanctions, it makes sense: the … Continue reading

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the republicans (US) and internet censorship 2012

GOP Platform May Include Internet Freedom Language… But Also Wants Crackdown On Internet Porn | Techdirt. 28 August 2012 The Republicans (GOP stands for Grand Old Party), at their Convention, are supposed to talk/refer to internet freedom, but it seems … Continue reading

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Justice File management in the Information age

DEA Gets Lawsuit Dismissed Because It Couldn’t Cope With Two Terabytes Of Evidence | Techdirt. 28 August 2012 This post is not so much about the case above than a more general comment on managing files at trial in complex … Continue reading

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Protection of privacy

Justice Department Sues Telco For Daring To Challenge Its Secret Demands For Private Information | Techdirt.19 July 2012 To compare with the opinion on the new cybersecurity bill 2012 in the US: “New Cybersecurity Bill May Actually Take Privacy Concerns … Continue reading

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Alternatives to censorship: trolling?

State Department Wants To Troll Terrorists Online | Techdirt.19 July 2012 an interesting report about a person in the US State Department trolling terrorists to ‘turn’ them around. Would be interesting to know if it works, but more importantly the … Continue reading

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Private “prosecution” in France triggers investigation

Business & Human Rights : Links.25 July 2012 The post is in English, but the orignal text is in French. The Fédération internationale des droits de l’Homme (FIDH) (the International Human Rights Federation) and the Ligue des droits de l’Homme … Continue reading

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Russian censorship at work since new 2012 legislation

Not Long After Passing Censorship Legislation, Russian Government Censors All of LiveJournal | Techdirt. 26 July 2012   the facts are interesting: the court agreed to have a neo-nazi blog blocked… with an IP adress that is used by other … Continue reading

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Delegating power: constitutional interpretation

Wyden Traps Feds In Their Own Words: ACTA Explanation Opens Up Big Hole In Cybersecurity Bill | Techdirt. 26 July 2012 I am always puzzled how the US State Department can defend such interpretation of legislative texts. Delegation of power … Continue reading

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gaming and violence

Press Speculates Batman Shooter Must Have Played Video Games; They’re Right: He Loved Guitar Hero | Techdirt. 24 July 2012

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