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Privacy and personal data collection

Données personnelles : la CNIL audite 250 sites – JDN Web & Tech. 7 mai 2013 The French Regulatory Authority for HR related to IT (CNIL) has on 6 may 2013 looked at 250 websites to check their compliance (or … Continue reading

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Report on Hadopi and piracy by P. Lescure, 2013 – France

Mission « Acte II de l’exception culturelle » : contribution aux politiques culturelles à l’ère numérique – Rapports publics – La Documentation française. Pierre Lescure, who for years run Canal+, the private, fee-paying, TV channel, chaired a committee to review … Continue reading

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EU directive on financial markets regulation (24 november 2010) transposed in France

Dépêches JurisClasseur | LexisNexis en France. Supervision bancaire et financière: autorités de surveillance, 16 mai 2013 The statutory instrument (décret n° 2013-388 du 10 mai 2013) adapted the monetary and financial code to incorporate the EU directive on financial regulation. … Continue reading

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French White paper on defense and national security 2013 –

Livre blanc sur la défense et la sécurité nationale 2013 – Rapports publics – La Documentation française. a PDF document to download (sorry in French): pages 105 to 107 look at cybersecurity and defense. Nothing fundamentally new, but an emphasis … Continue reading

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Private “prosecution” in France triggers investigation

Business & Human Rights : Links.25 July 2012 The post is in English, but the orignal text is in French. The Fédération internationale des droits de l’Homme (FIDH) (the International Human Rights Federation) and the Ligue des droits de l’Homme … Continue reading

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Delegating power: constitutional interpretation

Wyden Traps Feds In Their Own Words: ACTA Explanation Opens Up Big Hole In Cybersecurity Bill | Techdirt. 26 July 2012 I am always puzzled how the US State Department can defend such interpretation of legislative texts. Delegation of power … Continue reading

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Internet filtering after court’s ruling

French & German Courts Disagree Whether Internet Companies Need To Filter | Techdirt.20 July 2012 interesting reasoning, although I have not checked everything in teh Cour de cassation’s ruling. The French Superme Court considered that the obligation to filter, once … Continue reading

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Don’t preach what you don’t do

China Gleefully Uses UK Desire For Censorship To Validate Its Own Censorship | Techdirt. 12 August 2011 About the riots in England, but the same can be said about Europe having sold surveillance technologies over the years to most Middle … Continue reading

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Fraud on the back of Hadopi

No Surprise: Scammers Focus On Tricking The French With False Three Strikes Infringement Notices | Techdirt. 18 October 2011. You can laugh or cry. Hadopi is aware from this and has a clear warning on its homepage (

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Privacy expectations: “my documents” folder and Facebook “likes”

Not cybercrime directly, although important for investigation purposes (search and seizure of private documents typically need a warrant). The Labour/Employment division of the French civil supreme court (la Chambre sociale de la Cour de cassation) decided that in this particular … Continue reading

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