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Lulzera bien qui lulzera le dernier | Chaire de recherche du Canada en sécurité, identité et technologie. Benoit Dupont, 6 march 2012 In French, but with links to documents in English about LulzSec arrests and co. The title of the … Continue reading

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Privacy: death or transitory stage?

I Know Who You Are and I Saw What You Did – Social Networks and the Death of Privacy – By Lori Andrews – Book Review – 27 January 2012 This is an article I came to indirectly via … Continue reading

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Don’t preach what you don’t do

China Gleefully Uses UK Desire For Censorship To Validate Its Own Censorship | Techdirt. 12 August 2011 About the riots in England, but the same can be said about Europe having sold surveillance technologies over the years to most Middle … Continue reading

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Lies, computer detection and humans

Can A Computer Pick Out Fake Online Reviews When Humans Can’t? | Techdirt. 22 August 2011 It is an interesting study for several reasons. First, it seems to say that algorythms can detect some lies (the example here was fake … Continue reading

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FBI’s surveillance tech unit

FBI quietly sets up surveillance tech unit | Security | ZDNet UK. 23 May 2012 without warrants?

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Filtering issues

How Even Highly-Targeted Censorship Can Lead To Overblocking | Techdirt. 23 December 2011 “Former DHS Assistant Secretary Stewart Baker On SOPA 2.0: Still A Disaster For Cybersecurity“, TechDirt, 15 December 2011, where the person explains that a device created to … Continue reading

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Overreaction = overcriminalisation

From Lori Drew To Dharun Ravi, Punishing People Based On Others’ Suicides Is A Mistake | Techdirt.19 March 2012 The post is quite a long one and cites Paul Butler a former US prosecutor who argues for jury nullification (systemic … Continue reading

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Overhypes and consequences

As CISPA Hits Congress, Cybersecurity Company Hypes The Fear Of Anonymous | Techdirt. 24 April 2012 not sure the survey (that says that over 50% of Americans fear Anonymous and co) is reliable given that it is a security company … Continue reading

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(in)appropriate choice of penalties

Guy Loses Probation Because Court Decides That Facebook & MySpace Are ‘Electronic Bulletin Boards’ | Techdirt. 5th April 2012 The person convicted for attempt of sexual exploitation of children was restricted in his use of computers and internet as part … Continue reading

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Surveillance technology: between money workshipping and HR compliance

Business & Human Rights : Links. Post of 25 April 2012, about “obama targets technology in human rights abuses”. The post refers to several documents, one of them being the Executive Order signed by President Obama (23 April 2012), which … Continue reading

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