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Corporate responsibility: internet regulation

Self-Regulation: Should Online Companies Police The Internet? | Techdirt. 6 December 2011

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Anonymous 101: Introduction to the Lulz | Threat Level | November 8, 2011 an excellent piece, refered to by Masnick on Techdirt, “understanding Anonymous: the culture of Lulz” 9 November 2011 (thanks). For me who is not a tech … Continue reading

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Overreaction = overcriminalisation

From Lori Drew To Dharun Ravi, Punishing People Based On Others’ Suicides Is A Mistake | Techdirt.19 March 2012 The post is quite a long one and cites Paul Butler a former US prosecutor who argues for jury nullification (systemic … Continue reading

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TechDirt Censored in Germany: reliability and usefulness of censorship

Techdirt Deemed Harmful To Minors In Germany | Techdirt. 22 February 2012 The absurdity of filtering illustrated. But how many parents have an idea of what filters do and how they do it? and what about oppressive Governments tendering for … Continue reading

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From dematerialisation to rematerialisation

Innovation – Monday, March 5, 2012. “Why digital texts need a new library of Alexandria –with physical books”. while libaries get rid of their books, the Internet Archive and Alexa WEb traffic have a strategy to store all 20th century … Continue reading

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Drones: from the military to the civil society

Drone Attack: How We Might Willingly Embrace The Surveillance Society | Techdirt. 15 March 2012, I have been following the use of drones, with notably the fact that the weapon when killing civilians creates questions of international (criminal) law. But … Continue reading

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Overhypes and consequences

As CISPA Hits Congress, Cybersecurity Company Hypes The Fear Of Anonymous | Techdirt. 24 April 2012 not sure the survey (that says that over 50% of Americans fear Anonymous and co) is reliable given that it is a security company … Continue reading

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History of the web, and for the UK academics, impact REF?

The First Analysis Of The Web: Vague, But Exciting | Techdirt. 24 May 2012 an interesting post that links to the original proposal by Mr Berners-Lee for the web. As a UK academic, I can’t stop thinking about what we … Continue reading

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The rise of the Pirate (Bay) Parties

German Pirate Party Wins Seats In Fourth Straight State Election | Techdirt. 14 May 2012 A few articles refer to the Pirate Parties emerging in Europe and how a movement that started about something specific -coyprights infringements- led to proposing … Continue reading

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Bullying among children and teens: perception of behaviours

Rethinking Bullying: Kids Don’t See It As Bullying | Techdirt. 3rd December 2010 A very interesting post about the findings of Danah Boyd after a series of interviews with teens. They do not seem to perceive their attitude and behaviours … Continue reading

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