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The Declaration Of Internet Freedom: launch of

Announcing The Declaration Of Internet Freedom | Techdirt.2nd July 2012 A title that is self-explanatory, but given the last Russian and Chinese attempts to control the internet (plus the UK with the new Data COmmunication Bill), it is pertinent to … Continue reading

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La citadelle du crime: Citadel or crime makes money

La citadelle du crime « Criminalités numériques. 11 February 2012 the post is in French, but a few fundamental facts confirm what I have been writing many times: crime makes money and particularly cybercrime. A botnet named Citadel (came out … Continue reading

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Privacy: death or transitory stage?

I Know Who You Are and I Saw What You Did – Social Networks and the Death of Privacy – By Lori Andrews – Book Review – 27 January 2012 This is an article I came to indirectly via … Continue reading

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Corporate responsibility: internet regulation

Self-Regulation: Should Online Companies Police The Internet? | Techdirt. 6 December 2011

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Surveillance technologies and autocratic governments

“EU Says Syria Spyware Ban Covers E-Mail Probes, Remote Infection”, 19 January 2012,  Business & Human Rights : Links. The EU banned the exports of security/surveillance technologies to Syria because of the misuses its Government commited and commits. The move … Continue reading

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Censorhip: authors, domain, justification and transparency

  EU And China Harmonize Their Approach On Censorship | Techdirt.20 May 2011 The post reminds me of a recent comment either in The Independent or in the Guardian which analyzed the political and economic situation of China and the … Continue reading

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EU: behind the image, there is a child…

EU Realizes That You Fight Child Porn At The Source… Not By Trying To Hide It | Techdirt. 24 February 2011 can’t disagree with the fact that child ‘pornography’ is first of all child sexual abuse and that the image … Continue reading

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Web firms face EU data privacy crackdown | EurActiv

Web firms face EU data privacy crackdown | EurActiv. 04 November 2010 Quite an interesting development, at least in its principles (the details may be less thrilling and adequate). It feeds into various works and proposals by various legal academic … Continue reading

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Piracy: looking at IP in other ways

three articles in a week to remind us that we have to rethink IP because of the new technologies, the same way printing forced us to rethink IP. Interestingly enough, Sage publishers are conducting a survey online about open access … Continue reading

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Privacy infringement

The two infringements make you wonder what non-famous companies do and how they are controlled: Google Admits It Was Accidentally Collecting Some Open WiFi DataData (TechDirt, 14 May 2010)EU watchdog slams Facebook privacy settings (Euractiv, 14 May 2010) and new … Continue reading

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