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Criminalisation of DRM bypassing – ACTA becoming transparent?

If the process was certainly not transparent, the draft is at last published. Will comments be published and listened to? “Acta copyright treaty draft gets first public airing” (, 21 April 2010) and earlier on, the EU Parliament’s rejection of … Continue reading

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Security again

Security seems to be the word of the week. The EU commission wants to create an agency to foster better collaboration in cyber-investigations, albeit the UK, Germany and France remain to be convinced. One concerns is also the overlap with … Continue reading

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Just a few additional links about posts published earlier on: “Copyright A Priority For The DOJ; But Identity Fraud Has Fallen Off The List” (TechDirt, 8 April 2010) which contrats with the EU Parliament’s perception: Parliament threatens court action on … Continue reading

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The bug in HADOPI 2 (French version of three strikes law for piracy) was “patched” by governmental decree or statutory instrument, with the possibility to ask for damages in the criminal proceedings. But some more difficulties have been highlighted, mainly … Continue reading

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“New Zealand Decides To Spy On An Awful Lot Of Your Online Activity” (TechDirt, 5 January 2010) “How China’s Attempts To Censor The Internet Are Failing ” (TechDirt, 4 January 2010) “Russian ISP Blocking Political Opposition Websites” (TechDirt, 18 December … Continue reading

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The new UK piracy Bill and the anti-piracy lobby

The new Bill works on the model of the three strikes law, with obviously no intervention of an independent body. Anybody can request the ISP to file a notice and it is the ISP that makes the decision. What about … Continue reading

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Uses of social networking

Research was done to understand where the eye is set on various pages: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter. It is the technology of eye-tracking with the movements of the eyes being captured and giving an image of where the eye goes. The … Continue reading

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Update on China’s filtering software

China puts brakes on internet-filter rollout – (01 July 2009) After the uproar when people learnt that China ordered computers made in the US to incorporate a filtering software, there seems to be a back up. Obviously, the Minister … Continue reading

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Report on privacy in social networking

The national privacy watchdogs (often administrative authorities) produced a report on privacy and social networking. They are particularly concerned about the level of disclosure and the lack of prior consent of all parties involved, whether what is disclosed are pictures, … Continue reading

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data retention – analysis of policies

The German Working group on data retention produced the following report: Position on the processing of traffic data for “security purposes” (21 March 2009) on the statewatch website

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