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A threat on Facebook: a crime?

Should Making A Threat On Facebook Be A Crime? | Techdirt. 22 August 2012 the answer is yes as long as the circumstances fit within the legal definition of the crime. it is a question as much of common sense … Continue reading

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Pussy Riots and Wikileaks: infamous comparisons?

The Same Day Russia Sentences Pussy Riot, It Condemns The UK Over Julian Assange | Techdirt. 20th August 2012 I will come back on the Pussy Riots case (I have a few words to say on Putin’s comments that the … Continue reading

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US sanctions against Iran: WoW ban

Blizzard Blocking Iranian WoW Players Due To US Sanctions | Techdirt. 31 August 2012 The US asked Blizzard (delivering World of Warcraft) to block Iranian customers/users/players. On a purely economic rationale of those types of sanctions, it makes sense: the … Continue reading

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Alternatives to censorship: trolling?

State Department Wants To Troll Terrorists Online | Techdirt.19 July 2012 an interesting report about a person in the US State Department trolling terrorists to ‘turn’ them around. Would be interesting to know if it works, but more importantly the … Continue reading

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Russian censorship at work since new 2012 legislation

Not Long After Passing Censorship Legislation, Russian Government Censors All of LiveJournal | Techdirt. 26 July 2012   the facts are interesting: the court agreed to have a neo-nazi blog blocked… with an IP adress that is used by other … Continue reading

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The Declaration Of Internet Freedom: launch of

Announcing The Declaration Of Internet Freedom | Techdirt.2nd July 2012 A title that is self-explanatory, but given the last Russian and Chinese attempts to control the internet (plus the UK with the new Data COmmunication Bill), it is pertinent to … Continue reading

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Joke or menace? context is all

BBC News – Paul Chambers airport bomb tweet appeal to be heard again. 28 May 2012 Interesting to see that the High Court judges could not agree on whether Paul Chambers’ tweet should be taken seriously or not, hence would … Continue reading

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Jurors Tweeting About Trial vs impartiality

California Wants To Put Jurors In Jail For Tweeting About Trial | Techdirt. 26 August 2011 An old post I kept in my “one of those days I’ll read it” folder. In complete disagreement with Mike Masnick on this one. … Continue reading

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Collusion: corporations and autocratic regimes

Syria Crackdown Gets Italy Firm’s Aid With U.S.-Europe Spy Gear – Bloomberg. 3 November 2011 Still going through my pile of newsletters.This one is just one out of many underlying the collusion between money and politics. It should be read … Continue reading

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Overreaction = overcriminalisation

From Lori Drew To Dharun Ravi, Punishing People Based On Others’ Suicides Is A Mistake | Techdirt.19 March 2012 The post is quite a long one and cites Paul Butler a former US prosecutor who argues for jury nullification (systemic … Continue reading

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