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US sanctions against Iran: WoW ban

Blizzard Blocking Iranian WoW Players Due To US Sanctions | Techdirt. 31 August 2012 The US asked Blizzard (delivering World of Warcraft) to block Iranian customers/users/players. On a purely economic rationale of those types of sanctions, it makes sense: the … Continue reading

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gaming and violence

Press Speculates Batman Shooter Must Have Played Video Games; They’re Right: He Loved Guitar Hero | Techdirt. 24 July 2012

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Regulating VW or games? The Red Cross’ point of view

Red Cross Wants Real Life Laws Enforced Within Virtual Worlds | Techdirt. 5 December 2011 I am a bit puzzled by  this one. To want to integrate the rules of armed conflicts into games that clearly violate them would defeat … Continue reading

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Gaming, gold farming and China

China used prisoners in lucrative internet gaming work | World news | The Guardian. 25 May 2011 Several interesting bits in this article: – sentencing practices of China in light of human rights (physical work, non-physical work but with physical … Continue reading

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Gaming, robots and criminal law

Jacques-André Dupuy (Operantis)”Nous faisons du serious game pour les pilotes d’avion” (JDN 25 June 2009)Use of 3D games to train pilot – positive use of technology, but one cannot be left but to wonder whether the reality of those games … Continue reading

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Games and no crime

Self-explanatory and for those who don’t speak French: companies/firms use games, sometimes created for them, to either train employees or filter applicants. “10 jeux vidéo très sérieux pour mieux manager” (JDN, 7 April 2009)

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Influence of video games on criminality

A recurrent theme that appears from time to time. Well, of course video games do not create criminality. However, to deny them any effect seems to me troublesome. Sociologically, if there are other conditions creating an absence of structure in … Continue reading

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Causation, child abuse, video and liability

It is interesting because criminal law has not been set up for those types of cases on a massive scale. I don’t see how the prosecution can stand on its feet because it is very indirect liability – chain of … Continue reading

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