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Lies, computer detection and humans

Can A Computer Pick Out Fake Online Reviews When Humans Can’t? | Techdirt. 22 August 2011 It is an interesting study for several reasons. First, it seems to say that algorythms can detect some lies (the example here was fake … Continue reading

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Uses of false identity – the boundaries of criminal law

Distorting criminal offences has always been a temptation when the law does not fit exactly the fact. Except that criminal law is bound by the principle of strict interpretation and reasoning by analogy should not be allowed. It is thus … Continue reading

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Proof of writing in digital format – France

The implications for cybercrime are obvious, but the case by the French Supreme Court is interesting. It deals with a private law issue, where proof was needed that an e-mail has been sent by the social security services. The Court … Continue reading

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