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Security review by Symantec and other issues of web security

Symantec published its report analysing cyber-issues in 2009. Most of the attacks continue to come from the US (19%), followed by China (8%) and a new comer, Brazil (6%). The bulk of the attacks (37%) focuses on acquiring data, then … Continue reading

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US Convicts Nigerian 419 Email Scammer (TechDirt, 22 April 2010) – speaks for itself.

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Fraud, spam and co

An old article I retrieved today from my pile. The author, Charles Arthur, wonder whether convicting spammers in the US will put an end to spam. A rather pessimist response, understandably. What interested me was the fact that spam can … Continue reading

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Different issues on fraud and malware and a few arrests/suspicions

Well, I would have thought they were an obvious target? “Online bank fraud targeting corporate accounts” (, 04 November 2009) “Facebook denies mass hijack was down to flaw” (, 11 November 2009) but a few weeks later, decides to change … Continue reading

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Virtual worlds and money makers

well, anybody ready this blog would have guessed that the title of the post attracted me. It’s about scams in virtual worlds to get people to sign/buy things they don’t really need. It’s a technique which builds up on what … Continue reading

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Another kind of fish?

Well, of course, lawyers are people and can be as silly as others. Although I wonder to which extend they can fall into the trap given that their training should also make them smart(er) …. or shouldn’t? Advance Fee Scams … Continue reading

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Fraud and Russia

Self-explanatory. Soca: Russian cyber gang bribed police (, 22 October 2009)

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hacking in the US

Three indicted in largest-ever US hacking prosecution (, 18 August 2009) with one of them pleading guilty to ID theft Hacker pleads guilty to ID thefts worth millions (, 2009)

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Cybercrime trends and security issues

Quite obvious: “US prosecutor: Cybercrime will follow the cloud” (, 13 july 2009) More surprising: “Cisco reports rise in text-message scams” (, 15 July 2009) And quite welcome: France now has its Agence nationale de la sécurité des systèmes d’information, … Continue reading

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Fraud and insider access to confidential data

The security/sofware company Cyber ARk released a report or survey on administrators’ behaviours in firms. 35% of them use data they come accross because of their job or research that data in illegal ways. This is quite scary and shows … Continue reading

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