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Chip-and-PIN fraud gang jailed | ZDNet UK

Chip-and-PIN fraud gang jailed | ZDNet UK. 22 June 2010 Southwark Crown Court found guilty the four persons involved in the hack of Chipandpin machines and who gained £725,000. Cybersecurity is not perfect … for both sides! On a similar … Continue reading

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The gold mine: ID and other data thefts

Between the NHS desktops that were hacked and controlled as part of a botnet, and facebook accounts also hacked, it is obvious that security and privacy are at the heart of cybercrime. Accessing illegally and controlling data/computers is at the … Continue reading

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Security review by Symantec and other issues of web security

Symantec published its report analysing cyber-issues in 2009. Most of the attacks continue to come from the US (19%), followed by China (8%) and a new comer, Brazil (6%). The bulk of the attacks (37%) focuses on acquiring data, then … Continue reading

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Hyping issues up: distortions when it comes to internet

1 – “The Real Problem With Internet Comments Isn’t Anonymity” (TechDirt, 12 April 2010). That I would agree; people before internet could be anonymous for the better or for the worse (blackmail…). They could also be discovered and were accepting … Continue reading

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Interpretation of traditional offences

Three scenari demonstrating how the internet affects the interpretation of criminal law Sexting: no child porn for the US courts“Court Rejects PA DAs Attempt To Charge Teens For Sexting Themselves“, TechDirt, 18 March 2010 – The court is right in … Continue reading

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Meaning of "without authorisation"

Quite interesting facts and legal issue of defining what is “without authorisation”. In the US, an employee used his employer’s computer to access personal information that he then deleted. The seventh circuit court found it was hacking but the ninth … Continue reading

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Climate change and hacking: does the end justify the means?

Over the debate on climate change data flaws, what struck me is that nobody questioned the hack of e-mails as if it was normal for e-mails, held on universities computers, to be accessed without authorisation. Certainly, I understand the importance … Continue reading

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Google, China and Co: where do we draw the line between the acceptable and the not-so-acceptable?

A long silence, partly because I was busy scrolling down the shelves at Cambridge (UK) library for books before my fellowship at CRASSH ended. I still have a few books to read, but today I am trying to go through … Continue reading

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Privacy, piracy, copyrights and censorship

The theme of the week seems to turn around protecting privacy. “Hacking Surpassing Human Error For Data Breaches?” (TechDirt, 19 January 2010). For the author, the answer is actually positive: hacking is a major threat, more that insiders leaking data. … Continue reading

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Virtual worlds and theft

Apparently, somebody has been arrested for theft for hacking into accounts, use avatars and steal the virtual possessions. “Real-world arrest for man who stole RuneScape virtual characters” (Times, 30 November 2009)For disapproval, “If You Gain Unauthorized Access To A Character … Continue reading

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