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Myths and hypes

Hollywood Hackers Vs. Reality | Techdirt. 8 March 2012 Have not seen the movie, but if this post is accurate (and probably is), then Hollywood really had not a clue about how most unauthorised access to data is gained: human … Continue reading

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The power of words

After the Robin Hood airport closed (Doncaster, Sheffield) due to heavy snowfall, Mr. Chamber wrote a twitter post that was meant as a joke to friends and ended to be taken seriously by police officers. I quote the terms as … Continue reading

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National Security/Defence and cyberccrime

Two incidents that just remind us of how fragile cybersecurity can be 1) the French army plane Le Rafale was affected by a well-known virus that found its way to the computer system running it“Le Rafale clouĂ© au sol par … Continue reading

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Terrorist search -use of language searches

I read the post sent by Statewatch in its last newsletter. I clicked rather out of habit/curiosity than anything else, but what I read, I found deeply disturbing. Please read the whole post before reading mine – you will then … Continue reading

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Investigation – Interception of com… – terrorism

I always found the whole idea and process of Guatanamo scary, unjustifiable and a flagrant violation of what we stand for, i.e. human rights. The use of terrorism legislation is part of the problem as it circonvenes most if not … Continue reading

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aiding terrorist and google earth

Aiding and abetting terrorism! poor Google! this is silly because google earth in itself is not made to create crime. It’s not like bomb making and use of firearms type of documentation that circulates so easily on the web. “Indian … Continue reading

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Cyber-terrorism – possibility of death penalty in Pakistan

At first sight, for us European, it seems a heavy sentence that of death for cyber-terrorism. But it seems that the sentence is tied to a result: causing death of an other person, even it is indirectly by simply allowing … Continue reading

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Cyber-attack: politics

“Georgia accuses Russia of co-ordinated cyberattack” (11 August 2008) ; a war of words? “Georgian president suffers cyberattack” (21 July 2008)

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Hate crime and terrorism

The new trend, at least in the US, is to tackle hate crime via terrorism, by redifining some discourses as terrorist, instead of hate. The assimilation is dangerous for what is terrorism one day can become legal the next, and … Continue reading

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Cyberterrorism – Definition

An interesting comment about cyberterrorism by the Estonian defense ministry official Christian-Marc Liflander. For him, the last year attack on Estonia belongs to the realm of cyberterrorism; but as pointed out by Stephen Cummings, director of the British government’s Centre … Continue reading

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