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Cyberattacks – prevention by Governments

Four interesting articles about preventing cyberattacks. The first is about creating a real-scale cyberattack to see how the different targets would react and their level of vulnerability.“International cyberattack drill tests nations’ responses ” (10 April 2008),1000000189,39383325,00.htm The second is … Continue reading

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Danger of terrorism…

The US Defense is publicly annoucing it takes cybercrime seriously whether as a direct consequence of cyberterrorism or just simple cyberattacks. Nothing new, but ironically the internet was created by the US military… who now needs to train its own … Continue reading

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Cyberterrorism: renewed warning

Renewed warning about cyberterrorism but in a way nothing really new. Unless we link it to what happened to Estonia a year ago, where most of the official services were shut down because of a DDoS attack. If it was … Continue reading

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Terrorism: imaginative detection or illusory means?

Apparently, the IARA in the US reviews Second Life for potential terrorists. The information seems weird, for how can they know who is behind a character in Second Life; second, what about the other offences committed on Second Life, like … Continue reading

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Investigations and privacy: possible issues?

Here is the Statewatch newsletter of 22 January 2008 (01/08)Home page: – Enlightening if applied to cybercrime… Note also the old partnership bewteen UK and USA “6. UK-USA: 1948 UKUSA agreement and ECHELON states behind “Server inthe Sky” project: … Continue reading

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The usual debate about cyberterrorism’s theat: a hype or a truthfully worrying fact? ZDNet (10 December 2007),1000002000,39291413,00.htm

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Terrorism, more comments

Statewatch, specialised in HR and civil liberties, is not particularly happy about the EU proposal. It is true that if the nature of the internet justifies any infringement to HR, then why not extending the policy outside terrorism, like for … Continue reading

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Terrorism without terrorism

Vice President Franco Frattini, the EU commissioner in charge of freedom, security and justice, suggested to modify legislation on terrorism, so as not to require a terrorist action to be committed. Nothing really new, but a way of reaffirming the … Continue reading

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Hackers, DDOS and government – motives and legal issues

The Estonian government, earlier this year, faced a major cyberattack. Motives are unknown, but the disruption was important. Many features of Estonian life rely on computers: parking for example is computerised,1000000189,39290289,00.htm

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