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Privacy and personal data collection

Données personnelles : la CNIL audite 250 sites – JDN Web & Tech. 7 mai 2013 The French Regulatory Authority for HR related to IT (CNIL) has on 6 may 2013 looked at 250 websites to check their compliance (or … Continue reading

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Protection of privacy

Justice Department Sues Telco For Daring To Challenge Its Secret Demands For Private Information | Techdirt.19 July 2012 To compare with the opinion on the new cybersecurity bill 2012 in the US: “New Cybersecurity Bill May Actually Take Privacy Concerns … Continue reading

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Surveillance and (un)democratic societies: blurred borders…

Feds Wait Until Late Friday To Admit That, Yeah, They Ignored The 4th Amendment | Techdirt. 23 July 2012 and the original article from the Wired to which the post refers: “U.S. Admits Surveillance Violated Constitution At Least Once”, … Continue reading

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The Declaration Of Internet Freedom: launch of

Announcing The Declaration Of Internet Freedom | Techdirt.2nd July 2012 A title that is self-explanatory, but given the last Russian and Chinese attempts to control the internet (plus the UK with the new Data COmmunication Bill), it is pertinent to … Continue reading

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Privacy: death or transitory stage?

I Know Who You Are and I Saw What You Did – Social Networks and the Death of Privacy – By Lori Andrews – Book Review – 27 January 2012 This is an article I came to indirectly via … Continue reading

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Surveillance technologies and autocratic governments

“EU Says Syria Spyware Ban Covers E-Mail Probes, Remote Infection”, 19 January 2012,  Business & Human Rights : Links. The EU banned the exports of security/surveillance technologies to Syria because of the misuses its Government commited and commits. The move … Continue reading

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Surveillance policies: shall we play gods?

Tim Berners-Lee urges government to stop the snooping bill | Technology | The Guardian. 17 April 2012 The ability to know everything about everybody has been a constant theme of humanity. Literature, religion are full of those stories where people … Continue reading

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Privacy expectations: “my documents” folder and Facebook “likes”

Not cybercrime directly, although important for investigation purposes (search and seizure of private documents typically need a warrant). The Labour/Employment division of the French civil supreme court (la Chambre sociale de la Cour de cassation) decided that in this particular … Continue reading

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Google, street view and privacy: an update

Google gets qualified praise for privacy changes | Compliance | ZDNet UK. 16 August 2011 From the Information Commissioner’s audit in July, it seems that to complain at least leads to some changes of behaviours, even though Google (and other … Continue reading

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Private lives, jobs, surveillance and voyeurism

Court: If You Use Your Computer For Anything Your Employer Doesn’t Like, You May Have Committed A Crime | Techdirt. 29 April 2011 I have not had the time to check the judgment itself, but the interpretation does not seem … Continue reading

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