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Impersonating people and criminal law

FakeCelebrity Twitterers And Bloggers May Face Jail In California | Techdirt. 6 January 2011 Maybe because I come from another cultural and legal tradition, I don’t see the issue of prohibiting impersonation on something ‘permanent’ as on a blog or … Continue reading

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Privacy: about secrets or about democracy?

Everyone Has Something To Hide: Why Privacy Is Important Even If ‘You’ve Done Nothing Wrong’ | Techdirt. 4th August 2010 An old post stuck my mailbox but which has not lost its relevance in the slightest. Privacy is not about … Continue reading

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Why can’t we see & protect privacy?

Australian Gov’t Official Fired For Googling ‘Knockers’ From Home With Office Laptop, TechDirt 10 February 2011 – agree that the official was silly: don’t use your office laptop to find some porn; but on the other hand, the story illustrates … Continue reading

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Web firms face EU data privacy crackdown | EurActiv

Web firms face EU data privacy crackdown | EurActiv. 04 November 2010 Quite an interesting development, at least in its principles (the details may be less thrilling and adequate). It feeds into various works and proposals by various legal academic … Continue reading

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Thriving privacy issues (september 2010)

Going through some of my newsletters after a month of holidays, privacy (or lack of privacy) seems the core issue of this September, more maybe than copyrights. First, there are those lawsuits Iranian dissidents or their family try to bring … Continue reading

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Why Google’s Street View WiFi Data Collection Was Almost Certainly An Accident | Techdirt

Why Google’s Street View WiFi Data Collection Was Almost Certainly An Accident | Techdirt. 23rd June 2010 The article itself refers to another one. Not a techie, I had already argued that common sense dictates that it was probably an … Continue reading

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Wi-fi issues: access and use

When travelling, if one does not have a smartphone or blackberry, it becomes really annoying not to be able to use wi-fi knowing that lots of networks are available. the silliness of it all appeared when I was in Gare … Continue reading

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Privacy infringement

The two infringements make you wonder what non-famous companies do and how they are controlled: Google Admits It Was Accidentally Collecting Some Open WiFi DataData (TechDirt, 14 May 2010)EU watchdog slams Facebook privacy settings (Euractiv, 14 May 2010) and new … Continue reading

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The gold mine: ID and other data thefts

Between the NHS desktops that were hacked and controlled as part of a botnet, and facebook accounts also hacked, it is obvious that security and privacy are at the heart of cybercrime. Accessing illegally and controlling data/computers is at the … Continue reading

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Privacy of Wi-fi data: Google Street View

A very interesting story that does not seem to make the big headlines despite its crucial importance in my view.Google Street View, already criticised for other reasons, all linked to privacy, acknowledged that it takes the Wi-Fi details of people, … Continue reading

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