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Fraud and spamming: the US

I have not looked at it in details, but spamming in the US is tacled through fraud. Would the new offence in the UK cover the same ground? Suggestions welcome… “Top Spammer Pleads Guilty, But Spam Still Going Strong” (17 … Continue reading

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Spamming: money, money, money..

Like hacking and the like, spamming is very profitable an activity, especially when linked with stock trading. According to this article, £1.5m in one summer, more than the salary in one’s life time for most of us; and guess where … Continue reading

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Why spam is a crime or should be one…

Spam is a regular occurence on IT newspapers or columns. But this case illustrates particularly well why spam should be a crime, independently of its outcome (whether it incites to defraud others)…,1000000189,39290558,00.htm

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Spam, waste of money or money maker?

Regular posting about spam fill my mail box, always to complain about the waste of time and money it creates. But nobody complains about the junk mail they receive in their postal mailbox, although sometimes it amounts to the only … Continue reading

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