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Cybercrime is not limited to PC

An obvious statement but often forgotten: as computers invade our daily life (Fridges, washing machines, photocopiers…), we should be a bit more careful.. See the iPhone, only one week old at the time of this post.“Exploit turns iPhone into a … Continue reading

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Cybercrime and police investigation

An often left on the side issue is the difficulties police forces encountered when investigating crime committed with the use of internet:for an example, encryption being a nuisance (although it is supposed to create security to prevent cybercrime, rather than … Continue reading

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Just for fun: reinventing sentencing one day?

The following article brought a smile: will the criminal system ever introduce a bootcamp for hackers? Never know but look at the following: “Korea’s Internet Addiction Bootcamps Mistargeted” 20 November 2007 and what about sex offenders and the use … Continue reading

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Cybercrime, copyrights law, and the post-scarcity economy

Copyrights is not always associated with crime but given the fuss about piracy by big companies controlling digital copies, it is worth looking at the issue a bit more closely. First this article on Techdirt which highlights the craziness of … Continue reading

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How to use fear to steal information…

Not the first report on the practice, but the latest: how to use the fear of spyware to phish for credit card details… Very effective, thanks to people’s credulity…,1000000189,39290658,00.htm

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Cybercrime and legal response: an impossible task?

nothing new really, but it is interesting to see that the argument comes back regularly, often coinciding with a warning about the increase in cybercrimes. Can Government control the web? Here, Dr. Vinc Cerf reaffrims it can’t because of the … Continue reading

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old crimes, new bottles…

To borrow the famous expression from David Wall, here is another example of how crime can be resilient and take new shapes with a new name: wi-fi piggybacking or the unauthorised use of electronic communications, just to get free access … Continue reading

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Russia and China: shamed as worst offenders

Should not come as a surprise that China and Russia represent major threats for the online world; the amount of money at stake, and also the political stance, makes it to attractive to avoid spying, hacking, ‘zombying’ and the like. … Continue reading

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Cybercrime and social networking: at last an awakening?

Richard Thomas, the information commissioner, spoke before the House of Lords Constitution Committee, raising concerns about the consequences of data-sharing, whether on social networks like Facebook, or with other data-sharing practices between public and private sectors.,1000000189,39290834,00.htm,1000000308,39290672,00.htm It’s time … Continue reading

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Fraud: the help of non legal tools

The article below is interesting for what it reveals about fraud: is there any lesson to be learnt by law enforcement agencies in detecting and investigating fraud? And how can the software be accurate in its detection without infringing HR? … Continue reading

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