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Tangible/intangible? digital goods’ nature at stake

Given that the debate in criminal law always turns towards the tangible/intangible nature of what is stolen, deceived…, this proposal from a Californian politician is quite interesting, although at first sight it does not concern criminal law, but simply tax … Continue reading

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Fraud and crime – statistics

As noted in David Wall’s new book on Cybercrime – The transformation of crime in the information age -, statistics about e-crime are scarce; so it is interesting to have those of the joint research of the FBI and the … Continue reading

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Cyberattacks – prevention by Governments

Four interesting articles about preventing cyberattacks. The first is about creating a real-scale cyberattack to see how the different targets would react and their level of vulnerability.“International cyberattack drill tests nations’ responses ” (10 April 2008),1000000189,39383325,00.htm The second is … Continue reading

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ISPs’ criminal liability – YouTube and MySpace

Facts: an internet version of “happy slapping” which has nothing of happy but the name, for it is simply to beat someone up and diffuse the filming by phone or by the internet, here it was via YouTube. Can’t see … Continue reading

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Sentencing/ preventive measures

Rare are the decisions on sentencing and preventive measures. Yet for cybercrime, knowing which sanction is most appropriate is crucial. Ban of computer use may seem obvious, but apart from the question of being feasible, lies the issue of the … Continue reading

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ISPs as enforcers of the law

Nothing new really, but more obvious now. Section 230 (c)(2) CDA (the other part of section 230 is the infamous “child porn provision”) allows for ISPs to filter contentious contents. Spam being illegal, ISPs are allowed to filter content, i.e. … Continue reading

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Sexual assault and ISPs’ liability

Would be funny if not sad and serious. MySpace was sued by daughter and mum as being liable for sexual assault. Hard to see how in this case, for the daughter actually lied about her age and engage into correspondence … Continue reading

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Censorship and China (once more)

Again a week with China and the Olympics. Can’t avoid the subject.This one is interesting: the Olympic Committee has asked China to lift its Firewall. Put aside (momentarily) the cynism of the request, I love what the request stands for: … Continue reading

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ID fraud under the flashlights

It seems to be the week of ID fraud. A documentary on the BBC yesterday 3 April 2008 pointing out the work of the City of London’s Economic Crime Unit and of the anti-virus firm Sophos demonstrating how easy it … Continue reading

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Danger of terrorism…

The US Defense is publicly annoucing it takes cybercrime seriously whether as a direct consequence of cyberterrorism or just simple cyberattacks. Nothing new, but ironically the internet was created by the US military… who now needs to train its own … Continue reading

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