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Detica, SOCA and paedophiles

How BAE Systems fights paedophiles and cyber criminals | This is Money. post by Ruth Sunderland, 26 December 2011 An interesting post one year after the controversial report published by Detica on the cost of cybercrime and commissioned by the … Continue reading

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Money, money, money: better to be a hacker than a traditional bank robber

Cybercrime: is it out of control? | Technology | The Guardian. Posted by Misha Glenny, 21 September 2011   Not out of control, well as long as law enforcement wake up to reality, but certainly out of scale with more … Continue reading

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Cybercrime to eclipse terrorism?

FBI Director says cybercrime will eclipse terrorism – Mar. 2, 2012. CNN website – money section And for comments from TechDirt, 5 March 2012, “FBI Preaches Dangers Of ‘Cybercrime’ To The Choir“, Leigh Beadon For the first post after such … Continue reading

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