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US Convicts Nigerian 419 Email Scammer (TechDirt, 22 April 2010) – speaks for itself.

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Google search in court

In the story below, I am troubled by two things: – the assumption that a diversity of items being available proves that each of them are rarer to come by (here a yellow hat). How a Google search can help … Continue reading

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Just a few additional links about posts published earlier on: “Copyright A Priority For The DOJ; But Identity Fraud Has Fallen Off The List” (TechDirt, 8 April 2010) which contrats with the EU Parliament’s perception: Parliament threatens court action on … Continue reading

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Social networking and risks

Social networks put careers at risk, survey finds (Euractiv, 1 February 2010) with employers looking on the internet profile of applicants! Question of education about impact of the internet in people’s lives. Social networks put minors at risk, EU warns … Continue reading

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Hyping issues up: distortions when it comes to internet

1 – “The Real Problem With Internet Comments Isn’t Anonymity” (TechDirt, 12 April 2010). That I would agree; people before internet could be anonymous for the better or for the worse (blackmail…). They could also be discovered and were accepting … Continue reading

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Circulation of information and saving of

The Economist On Why Copyright Needs To Return To Its Roots (TechDirt, 20 April 2010). The argument is that the Statute of Queen Anne granted copyrights for only 14 or 21 or 28 years maximum. It was not during the … Continue reading

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Google and China

Rob Hanlon and Stephen Frost, CSR Asia, on 31 Mar 2010, criticised Google’s HR motives to withdraw from Mainland China. The core of their arguments is nothing new: Google was not making any profit, to stay would have been counterproductive … Continue reading

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Beware The Seductive Power Of Surveillance

TechDirt – 5 AprilRefers to an article by Jesse Hirsh same as previous post: common sense means that surveillance will exist and that we need to assess the risks and stop treating the internet as something different than the … Continue reading

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Once Again, A Court Overturns Internet Ban For Convicted Criminal

TechDirt, 5 April 2010 – technology seems to make people lose their common sense. Would we agree to a ban on using the telephone because the offender committed the offence with it?

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Are Computers in Africa Really Weapons of Mass Destruction?

I am as skeptic as Kevin Donovan about the correctness of the analysis made in Foreign Policy. Yes, it is true that Africa does not use the latest softwares, but nor does Europe and a lot of other countries. And … Continue reading

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