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Fraud & social networking

Nor surprisingly, people still fall for Nigerian Scams, not aware that the new forms they take, using social netwoking tools, do not conceal the fact they remain scams. “Nigerian 419 Advance Fee Scammers Move To… LinkedIn?” (4 June 2008) … Continue reading

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Recurring behaviours: fraud?

An interesting case for a lawyer.. Does taking a few pennies (legally each time) constitute fraud? The answer is yes if there is a scheme to defraud. This is a typical case of an offence by habit: the isolated behaviour … Continue reading

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Web2& Social networking: helping police?

OK, I can’t find the post about it; so here we are. “City Council Tells ‘Dumbest Criminal’ To Stop Posting So Much Evidence To YouTube” – Leeds city council seems to be also dumb? (22 May 2008) But … Continue reading

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Hate crime and terrorism

The new trend, at least in the US, is to tackle hate crime via terrorism, by redifining some discourses as terrorist, instead of hate. The assimilation is dangerous for what is terrorism one day can become legal the next, and … Continue reading

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Fraud: new trend or beyond credit card data

See “Forget Credit Cards, Scammers Now Want Your VoIP Accounts?” (15 May 2008) although the old way remains profitable “Stark warning as UK faces cybercrime boom”,1000000189,39431415,00.htm?r=1 (9 june 2008)

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Investigation and security

Not sure I agree entirely with the comments below. That police forces have USB keys to enter Microsof products’ security features does not necessarily mean that criminals will jump on the loopholes. To take an analogy, for police officers to … Continue reading

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Cybercrime and the EU

The COuncil of Europe created the Convention of Cybercrime. Time for the EU, despite the drawback about the treaty of Lisbon, to look at cybercrime a bit more seriously than it has done so up to now.A study is expected: … Continue reading

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Cyber-Investigations and human rights

To monitor the internet to detect (and deter?) crime seems a good idea at first sight. Yet objections are many: practical objection: is it realistic to consider being able to control the internet? It’s like wanting to monitor the mail … Continue reading

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Social networking, privacy and investigations

For once, I can stop criticising social networking. Manchester Police force uses Facebook in an innovative way, to promote communication and gather information about crime; wonder how effective it is and if privacy, which is the biggest problem on … Continue reading

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