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ownership – ISPs

I do not know to which extent the following article could influence cybercrime, but at least the thought is there. The title on TechDirt is intriguing: “Ownership Doesn’t Always Mean Control” (21st March 2008) because common assumption is to associate … Continue reading

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Wi-Fi and piggybacking

In the State of Maryland in the US, an MP proposed a Bill to criminalise piggybacking with Wi-Fi. See PDF document: “FOR the purpose of prohibiting a person from intentionally, willfully, and withoutauthorization accessing, attempting to access, causing to … Continue reading

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Second life and copyrights virtual claims

Yes, it happened! A lawsuit launched, now dropped, about copyrights in Second Life. Apparently a company specialised in writing scripts for virtual sex toys and M. Leatherwood a year ago did copy the items to sell them on Second Life. … Continue reading

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Facebook and harassment claim

An odd case, which facts are not yet very clear, at least for me. It seems that M. Hurst did a search on the internet about his ex-girlfriend and was added on the list of requests to be her friend … Continue reading

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Investigations: clicking=guilty

Please read the following article carefully. It is about US law, but the practice could be more widespread and whether UK law on interception could protect people is questionable. The facts are the following: honeypot (= fake website or similar … Continue reading

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Social networking and identity theft

I though I wrote about it but can’t find the post (please tell me if you do). So the issue is about a fake profile created on Facebook involving a Morrocan prince. Apparently, the person has been discovered and since … Continue reading

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Investigations of files and documents

Nothing new: we all know that documents keep track of their multiple modifications. Not to difficult to find out. Hence the French Government could have been a bit more careful when releasing its first Bill reforming liability of hosting providers … Continue reading

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Second life: Second crime?

Rare are the articles or comments about Second Life and cybercrime. Here is an article in French (yes I know, there is no translation so far), which in substance says the following:1) although a virtual world in theory, its impact … Continue reading

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Fraud and spamming: the US

I have not looked at it in details, but spamming in the US is tacled through fraud. Would the new offence in the UK cover the same ground? Suggestions welcome… “Top Spammer Pleads Guilty, But Spam Still Going Strong” (17 … Continue reading

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hacking – hacktivism?

Rumours and more tangible proofs have started to emerge from the past two years about the 2004 American elections of George Bush. If they ever are right, not only it raises serious questions of legitimacy of the current president, but … Continue reading

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