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US Convicts Nigerian 419 Email Scammer (TechDirt, 22 April 2010) – speaks for itself.

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Fraud, spam and co

An old article I retrieved today from my pile. The author, Charles Arthur, wonder whether convicting spammers in the US will put an end to spam. A rather pessimist response, understandably. What interested me was the fact that spam can … Continue reading

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The end of the road…

“‘Godfather of Spam’ sentenced to four years” (, 25 November 2009) and £ 150,000 to forfeit, if Alan Ralsky has them….

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Virtual worlds and money makers

well, anybody ready this blog would have guessed that the title of the post attracted me. It’s about scams in virtual worlds to get people to sign/buy things they don’t really need. It’s a technique which builds up on what … Continue reading

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Twitter issues

A judge banned the use of Twitter in the courtroom; it is a form of broadcast in the sense that put all together the threads form a good picture of what happened; on the other hand, one does not need … Continue reading

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Funny side of sentencing

I found it really funny: a spammer realising that the fine cannot be paid by his insurance!Spammer Discovers His Insurance Policy Doesn’t Cover $6 Million Spam Fines (TechDirt, 3 August 2009)

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Diversity of access to computers/information

URL website based to distribute malware:Trojan swipes money from your banking site (, 30 september 2009) with a similar method:Facebook closes fake profiles spreading malware (, 2 oct 2009)Fake Outlook Web Access update sets malware trap (, 16 October 2009) … Continue reading

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Spam and scam: trends confirmed

why spam continues to fill up our boxes? because some of us continue to fall for it, enough obviously to make spam a viable option.12% of Americans do open spam messages and fall in the trap according to the Messaging … Continue reading

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DDOS practice by security firms

In order to shut down those sending spam and scams (particularly phishing), security firms can identify the original server and then send e-mails to shut down the site Sébastien Darnault (MarkMonitor)”Nous bombardons les serveurs de mails frauduleux jusqu’à les faire … Continue reading

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Damages by spamming

Harm is a key concept, although elusive concept, to justify crimininalisation of behaviours. Here the case seems to justify the policy to criminalise spamming “Spammers Ordered To Pay $236 Million” (8 October 2008)

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