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“Rather Than Blaming Twitter, NY Police Using It To Track Gang Activity” (TechDirt, 01 December 2009)

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Virtual worlds and theft

Apparently, somebody has been arrested for theft for hacking into accounts, use avatars and steal the virtual possessions. “Real-world arrest for man who stole RuneScape virtual characters” (Times, 30 November 2009)For disapproval, “If You Gain Unauthorized Access To A Character … Continue reading

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Two controversial decisions

How on earth is it possible? That is my first immediate reaction. Compliance with rith to privacy dictates that private people cannot obtain access to what police forces can obtain… “Police right to hand over seized hardware, says judge” (, … Continue reading

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Towards an international protection for privacy

The CNIL (French quango to protect freedom of information and liberties) website reports of a conference to elaborate/create international standards that would overcome the patchy protection offered by national legislations to internet users. The article is in English, and is … Continue reading

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Different issues on fraud and malware and a few arrests/suspicions

Well, I would have thought they were an obvious target? “Online bank fraud targeting corporate accounts” (, 04 November 2009) “Facebook denies mass hijack was down to flaw” (, 11 November 2009) but a few weeks later, decides to change … Continue reading

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“US gov’t agencies sued over Facebook surveillance” (, 02 December 2009) Different watchdogs decided to ask the US federal government for their guidelines in how they use social networks to monitor citizens’ behaviours. A similar policy would not be amiss … Continue reading

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Nasa Hacker….

FYI, “MPs urge Nasa hacker clemency” (, 12 November 2009) because “Home secretary considers Nasa hacker plea” (, 11 November 2009) “McKinnon case puts IT ethics in the dock” (, 05 October 2009)

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The end of the road…

“‘Godfather of Spam’ sentenced to four years” (, 25 November 2009) and £ 150,000 to forfeit, if Alan Ralsky has them….

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Smartphones and malwares

Not a surprise that smartphones start to be the target of viruses and other malwares. They are powerful computers when one think of their size.“iPhone worm could be used to create botnets” (, 23 November 2009)“Un nouveau virus s’attaque à … Continue reading

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The new UK piracy Bill and the anti-piracy lobby

The new Bill works on the model of the three strikes law, with obviously no intervention of an independent body. Anybody can request the ISP to file a notice and it is the ISP that makes the decision. What about … Continue reading

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