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Investigation – private sector investigation and human rights

The following post is not the first on the RIAA (Record Industry Association of America) investigations about piracy. Nonetheless, it highlights more than ever the problems there is in letting private associations enforcing copyrights infringement laws.Given the amount of money … Continue reading

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Interception of communications – French view on UK policy

According to JDN (journal du net), the UK policy to intercept communications is not unique in Europe. Already, France and Germany allow so. The framework in which those “hacks” are conducted is no clearer whichever side of the Channel. “La … Continue reading

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Contentious searches…

Laptops and now mobile phones… “Mixed Decisions Concerning Police Searches Of Your Mobile Phone On Arrest” (TechDirt 13 January 2009)

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De facie illegal seizure by the FBI

Unless new facts reveal the seizure was grounded, the FBI action looked very much illegal, and because it is the US, unconstitutional (violation of 4th Amendment). The question is: why did the FBI feel threatened by ACLU and EFF to … Continue reading

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Analysis of cybercrime risks and trends

It’s always difficult to assess risks and trends, but fraud remains a top 5 with new developments using the social networking sites“La croissance des escroqueries” (JDN, 19 January 2009) (the increase in frauds) And for the countries at risk: “Emerging … Continue reading

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The difficult adaptation of police forces

It’s about India, but frankly, the same article could probably be written in any country. The basic police officer has not been trained to detect and investigate cybercrimes. Nothing to be ashamed off, but something to act upon by various … Continue reading

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Twitter’s uses and abuse!

For a description of Twitter’s use among the mighty and celebrities, see the article of the Independent, on Thursday 23 January 2009, “Why Britain is suddenly all a-twitter“. The Independent joined the club, and opened a twitter “profile” Given the … Continue reading

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The good and bad sides of Facebook

Once more, Facebook can turn both ways: a helpful tool for hackers to commit fraud with a variation of the 419 scam, or for police officers to find criminals.“New Zealand Cops Credit Facebook With Arrest” (TechDirt, 15 January 2009)“Facebook’s Lack … Continue reading

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Offensive content: no need to filter? The (US) FCC chairman’s position

He does not believe in filtering internet content because people choose what to look at rather than are bombarded with what they do not want to look at (unlike TV packages it seems).Technically this is true. In addition, we would … Continue reading

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Child porn and teens’ behaviours

Facts: teens post pictures of themselves nude or in pornography positions (at least, sexually explicit). Pennsylvania took the view of charging girls for distributing child porn, boys for receiving and thus possessing it.“20% Of Teens Send Sexually Explicit Photos Of … Continue reading

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