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second life ownership of items

Lawsuit Questions Whether Or Not Second Life Users Really ‘Own’ Their Virtual Land (TechDirt, 11 May 2010) IP belongs to Linden Lab now; but ambiguity is there about ownership

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suicide and free speech

An interesting issue as a lot of countries prohibit assisting suicide but not suicide itself. Moreover, criminal actions are rarely made of speech only; complicity for example requires something else than mere talking and there is an assumption of personal … Continue reading

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Piracy: looking at IP in other ways

three articles in a week to remind us that we have to rethink IP because of the new technologies, the same way printing forced us to rethink IP. Interestingly enough, Sage publishers are conducting a survey online about open access … Continue reading

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Privacy infringement

The two infringements make you wonder what non-famous companies do and how they are controlled: Google Admits It Was Accidentally Collecting Some Open WiFi DataData (TechDirt, 14 May 2010)EU watchdog slams Facebook privacy settings (Euractiv, 14 May 2010) and new … Continue reading

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Digital Economy Act: after all the controversy, may well be dropped

UK Politicians Looking To Repeal Digital Economy Act (TechDirt, 19 March 2010) London Wants To Offer Full WiFi Coverage… But How Will That Work With The Digital Economy Act? (TechDirt, 18 March 2010) UK Regulator Says Digital Economy Act Only … Continue reading

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Critical Legal Studies Conference 2010

With a vested interest as I am chairing stream 9 of the Critical Legal Conference 2010 @ Utrecht in September 2010 : The WWW: great expectations or great disenchantments? To see all the streams of the Conference on Modernities, click … Continue reading

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Secondary source analyses Italian’s judgment on Google

Legal Analysis Of Italian Criminal Conviction Of Google Execs Says Judge Made A Big Legal Error (TechDirt, 30 April 2010)

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enforcing the law: France and US updates

In France, JDN reported on the Institut de la recherche criminelle de la gendarmerie nationale (the Institute on criminal research of the Gendarmerie nationale, the French police force) and its work in the Fort Rosny-sous-bois (the Fortress…). databases, recognition of … Continue reading

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“Cybercriminals target non-conventional appliances” (, 09 April 2010). not surprising, and among the devices: mobiles phones, USB flash drives and peripherals. and DDOS attacks linked with extortion/blackmail notices, “Chinese DDoS attacks hit News Limited” (, 14 April 2010)

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Criminalisation of DRM bypassing – ACTA becoming transparent?

If the process was certainly not transparent, the draft is at last published. Will comments be published and listened to? “Acta copyright treaty draft gets first public airing” (, 21 April 2010) and earlier on, the EU Parliament’s rejection of … Continue reading

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