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Sex offenders and the use of Facebook

Chris Kelly, Facebook’s chief privacy officer explained how sex offenders are banned from Facebook. “We have been working productively with General Blumenthal and other attorneys general to keep sex offenders off Facebook, and to assure that those who attempt use … Continue reading

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Fraud, the banks and firms

Well, one would have thought that the banks were at the top of the security game to avoid unnecessary losses. It seems that the last scam targeted banks quite successfully. Arguably, citybank did not lose the money because at the … Continue reading

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Skype and interception of communication (update)

A very interesting article (because of the details provided) has been written in French. The reason why Skype’s communications are difficult to intercept is that they are using encryption keys that Skype, so far, has refused to communicate.A software is … Continue reading

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ISPs not effective cops?

When I have the time, I’ll read it more carefully, but the research is interesting. If it is proven that ISPs are not effective cops, then there is a practical for forbidding them to act as cops, independently of human … Continue reading

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sentencing and corruption

Corruption not where you would imagine: judges seem to have sent children to detention centers more than necessary because of financial interests in doing so. How come the system was set up in such a way that corruption was that … Continue reading

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Skype and interception of communications

Skype does not allow for easy wiretapping of conversations. Anyone can imagine the potential for criminals, but also, on the good side, for dissidents. However, I don’t think the loophole will remain for long; somebody somewhere will invent a good … Continue reading

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Paying people to filter the internet

China seems to now pay people per porn website discovered and reported. Being cynical, I wonder to which extent this solution might be cheaper than hiring them as full-time employees for the Great Firewall. A future law and economics study?In … Continue reading

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Need for special courts for cybercrime?

In India, Justice V.S. Sirpurkar of the Supreme Court explains that specialised courts would be better suited to tackle cybercrime and e-commerce issues. I am not sure I would agree on the conclusion. I would certainly agree that judges, as … Continue reading

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Localisation of e-mail senders via Google mail

Quite a scary feature for Google mail users: according to the French JDN (web journal), Google will make available to other users the geographical localisation of users when they send e-mails with city/village, region and country.In terms of privacy, it … Continue reading

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Disappeared posts – hidden filtering

As creepy as the previous one, although the persons involve do not suffer like this woman and her children did and do. Apparently, posts from bloggers disappear when related to music and copyrights.How on earth can Google accaparate the right … Continue reading

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