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the law and cybercrime: an illusory pursuit?

Not a new debate I am afraid. Yes the law is behind technology, but has not law always been behind innovation? The question is more likely: can the law adapt to innovations or can it not requiring then new legislation … Continue reading

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Terrorism: imaginative detection or illusory means?

Apparently, the IARA in the US reviews Second Life for potential terrorists. The information seems weird, for how can they know who is behind a character in Second Life; second, what about the other offences committed on Second Life, like … Continue reading

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Hacking: preventive manoeuver

An example of hacking, within formal or official circumstances, in order to prove that a system does not work. How does the behaviour comply with criminal law? Motive, whether good or bad, is not intent… “Researchers hack ‘tamper-proof’ PIN terminals” … Continue reading

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Fraud: which offence to go for?

The adventures (?) of a hacker/insider trader in the US: would be funny if at stake were not so much money and many a lack of thinking from authorities “Hacker May Get To Keep Insider Trading Windfall — Because He … Continue reading

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Tackling cybercrime in the UK and in the US

Need of ressources The House of Lords tries to put pressure on UK Government, with limited success though. Nothing serious has been done since August 2007, and to wait until next August, knowing the timing of legislation, just means more … Continue reading

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Censorship and control of the internet by many

The article is clear enougthand echoes Goldsmith’s and Wu’s book on Who controls the internet?“China To Disable Great Firewall For The Olympics?” (21 February 2008) And see Pakistan’s attitude “Pakistan Joins The Axis Of NoTube; Screws Up The Internet” (25 … Continue reading

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Cybercrime: what is free information?

we’ve seen it with the theory of post-scarcity economy; but what about academic research? I always maintained research should be available for free but with acknowledgement of authors. It is thus interesting that Harvard takes that path. “Harvard Faculty Agrees … Continue reading

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Investigation: police forces and the internet

The negative (and recurrent) view about the need for special forces and more money to tackle cybercrime: (15 February 2008),1000000189,39292863,00.htm?r=1 and more specific problems of investigations: “German Government Struggles To Tap Encrypted Skype Calls” (28 January 2008) with a US … Continue reading

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Social networking – privacy and crime

“Deleting Your Facebook Profile Isn’t So Easy”: if you can only deactivate, but details still seen by others, how can ID theft be avoided? TechDirt (11 February 2008) “Cop Gets Investigated Because MySpace Friend Links To Porn” TechDirt (29 January … Continue reading

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ISPs/hosting liability – noticing – Comparative law

A translated decision from a French law court on December 12, 2007 (Court of appeal from Paris, i.e. an important court because of its location, it gets interesting cases to deal with). Google’s liability is at stake as it did … Continue reading

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