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Interpretation of traditional offences

Three scenari demonstrating how the internet affects the interpretation of criminal law Sexting: no child porn for the US courts“Court Rejects PA DAs Attempt To Charge Teens For Sexting Themselves“, TechDirt, 18 March 2010 – The court is right in … Continue reading

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Meaning of "without authorisation"

Quite interesting facts and legal issue of defining what is “without authorisation”. In the US, an employee used his employer’s computer to access personal information that he then deleted. The seventh circuit court found it was hacking but the ninth … Continue reading

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Google, China, HK

“Google Approach In China: Redirect To Hong Kong“, TechDirt, 22 March 2010with the original post from Google also from 22 March 2010.What I was intringued by in Google’s statement was the following sentence: “We believe this new approach of providing … Continue reading

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Copyrights: our level of acceptance in surveillance and prosecution techniques

Self-explanatory and completely in line to my point of view about the level and type of surveillance we accept online being disproportionate to what we would tolerate offline; it is like the spirit of the Enlightenment being swallowed by the … Continue reading

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Discipline and surveillance: school’s attitude

Pretty silly attitude for a school: education should be about transparency of thinking.And of course completely illegal, thus scary: “School Accused Of Spying On Kids In Their Homes With Spyware That Secretly Activated Webcams” TechDirt 18 February 2010

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Passport control: awaking the dead

“Is Elvis Dead? Who Knows, But His Passport Made It Through Airport Security In Amsterdam“, TechDirt 01 March 2010 I like the irony of it all. Trying to secure identities of people, and yet failing badly…

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The bug in HADOPI 2 (French version of three strikes law for piracy) was “patched” by governmental decree or statutory instrument, with the possibility to ask for damages in the criminal proceedings. But some more difficulties have been highlighted, mainly … Continue reading

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Although I would agree that there is a difference between a print mindset and an internet mindset, I disagree strongly with somebody who argues that the internet is about linking and that not to acknowledge sources is OK. Of course, … Continue reading

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Google’s liability in Italy

A few other articles on the three Google’s executives declared responsible in Italy because of a YouTube video. Columnist Claims Italy’s Google Verdict Makes Sense, TechDirt, 9 March 2010 (with M. Masnick obviously disagreeing) and a speech by Lessign at … Continue reading

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The power of images and data

Three articles, all connected around several themes. The first one is about Chatroulette’s site which works on the basis of logging in for random chats with people all over the world (well, at least that is what they tell you). … Continue reading

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