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Help of technologies in investigations

Police eye tech for reporting live crimes via video (, 27 April 2009) and use of image-recognition technology to detect crimeCriminal procedure will have to regulate the use of this technology

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Finjan finds botnet of 1.9m infected computers (ZDnet, 24 April 2009) Botnet expert: Cut cash flow to cybercriminals (ZDnet. 23 April 2009)self explanatory even though fraud can probably not apply

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Cyberspies breach US fighter-jet project: Report (, 21 April 2009) and the hype around viruses/worms that hide more important issues for international peace: Forget Conficker — focus on the real threats US official: We are under cyberattack all the time … Continue reading

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Twitter – good and bad uses

“Police Learning To Make Good Use Of Twitter” (TechDirt, 15 April 2009) “Latest Unsubstantiated Claim: Twitter Makes You Immoral” (TechDirt, 14 April 2009) Indeed, technology is neither good or bad, but it is never neutral. On that theme, see Hildebrandt, … Continue reading

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data retention, sale and fraud

“Report: Online black market for personal data thriving” (EurActiv, 16 April 2009) building on the Symantec report for long as data is detained/retained, risks about its use exist. Hence the interesting step taken by a Swedish ISP which destroys … Continue reading

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Use of courts or mediation?

Beyond cybercrime obviously, but touching on an important issue: speed. France launched an experiment, that to use mediation instead of going to trial for small issues when linked with the use of internet. There is no obligation to use mediation … Continue reading

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Should we go for more powers or more effective controls?

“Congress Ponders Cybersecurity Power Grab” (TechDirt, 20 April 2009)another bill and for more powers to control people. The article touches upon a theme touched upon in a book I am currently reading, that of McGuire, Hypercrime – The new geometry … Continue reading

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Cyber attack, reaction/action

“Estonia leads the way in countering cyber-attacks” (, 9 April 2009) “Report: US electricity grid hacked by spies” (, 9 April 2009) “Pentagon forks out $100m for cyberattack cleanup” (, 8 April 2009)

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Google and Obama’s team: close links, conflict of interests?

A very interesting analysis from the French JDNet, 7 April 2009 of the link between Obama’s team and Google.It’s no secret that Obama used the web extensively to promote his campaign and that donations of 10 dollars only succeeded in … Continue reading

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Games and no crime

Self-explanatory and for those who don’t speak French: companies/firms use games, sometimes created for them, to either train employees or filter applicants. “10 jeux vidéo très sérieux pour mieux manager” (JDN, 7 April 2009)

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