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Copyright, piracy and proportionality

Does The Punishment Fit The Crime? Is Manslaughter An Equivalent Crime To Copyright Infringement? | Techdirt. 31 August 2011 A post that highlights, by refering to another article (in French, translation OK), part of the absurdity of criminalising copyright infringement. … Continue reading

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Don’t preach what you don’t do

China Gleefully Uses UK Desire For Censorship To Validate Its Own Censorship | Techdirt. 12 August 2011 About the riots in England, but the same can be said about Europe having sold surveillance technologies over the years to most Middle … Continue reading

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Corporate responsibility: internet regulation

Self-Regulation: Should Online Companies Police The Internet? | Techdirt. 6 December 2011

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Regulating VW or games? The Red Cross’ point of view

Red Cross Wants Real Life Laws Enforced Within Virtual Worlds | Techdirt. 5 December 2011 I am a bit puzzled by  this one. To want to integrate the rules of armed conflicts into games that clearly violate them would defeat … Continue reading

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Anonymous 101: Introduction to the Lulz | Threat Level | November 8, 2011 an excellent piece, refered to by Masnick on Techdirt, “understanding Anonymous: the culture of Lulz” 9 November 2011 (thanks). For me who is not a tech … Continue reading

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Filtering issues

How Even Highly-Targeted Censorship Can Lead To Overblocking | Techdirt. 23 December 2011 “Former DHS Assistant Secretary Stewart Baker On SOPA 2.0: Still A Disaster For Cybersecurity“, TechDirt, 15 December 2011, where the person explains that a device created to … Continue reading

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Collusion: corporations and autocratic regimes

Syria Crackdown Gets Italy Firm’s Aid With U.S.-Europe Spy Gear – Bloomberg. 3 November 2011 Still going through my pile of newsletters.This one is just one out of many underlying the collusion between money and politics. It should be read … Continue reading

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Surveillance technologies and autocratic governments

“EU Says Syria Spyware Ban Covers E-Mail Probes, Remote Infection”, 19 January 2012,  Business & Human Rights : Links. The EU banned the exports of security/surveillance technologies to Syria because of the misuses its Government commited and commits. The move … Continue reading

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Bradley Manning Formally Charged

Bradley Manning Formally Charged; Defers Plea | Techdirt. 23 February 2012 nothing to add: why so long after arrest and imprisonment? where are the basic human rights we ask others to comply with? how foolish are we to renegate what … Continue reading

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Drones: from the military to the civil society

Drone Attack: How We Might Willingly Embrace The Surveillance Society | Techdirt. 15 March 2012, I have been following the use of drones, with notably the fact that the weapon when killing civilians creates questions of international (criminal) law. But … Continue reading

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