History of the web, and for the UK academics, impact REF?

The First Analysis Of The Web: Vague, But Exciting | Techdirt. 24 May 2012

an interesting post that links to the original proposal by Mr Berners-Lee for the web. As a UK academic, I can’t stop thinking about what we now have to demonstrate: impact, research outcomes etc… Reading the proposal, its vagueness would certainly not have warranted any funding from our research councils and through the REF. So right now, I would not write this post… Silly? well, although I should be/hope to be REFable, I now feel the pressure of it and feel I have no time to look at my research in the long run rather than short-term. Yes, we’ll have a breathing space soon between 2013 and 2014, when REF will be about to close and the results not yet published. But as soon as this is done, we’re in for the next lot of articles to publish absolutely.

This remark made, the web transformed crime more than the printing press did.


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Senior Lecturer @ University of Essex (UK)
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